Weight Loss And Skin Care: How To Avoid Loose Skin During Weight Loss

Weight loss is not an easy journey. It demands a lot of determination and dedication. So, congratulations if you are successful. But wait! There’s a problem that can dampen your spirits – loose and sagging skin. When you lose weight too quickly, your skin cannot keep up with your pace. As it is elastic, it will stretch with your body shape and then contract again to match it, but not when you are in a hurry.

Don’t worry. I am not here to scare or discourage you. But I can share some ways to prevent sagging skin during your weight loss journey.

1. Do Not Hurry, Go Slow

In the race to weight loss, be the tortoise. When you are losing weight, it is important to take care that you do not end up losing more muscle mass and water (caused by glycogen depletion). Muscles help in holding up the skin. So, try to focus on losing fat and not muscle. Also, you tend to gain weight faster once the glycogen is restored. So, focus more on losing fat and not just muscle and water. The National Institutes of Health (NIH) recommends losing between 1-2 pounds per week for the first six months (6). And afterward, it should be gradual.

2. Follow A Balanced Diet

I know you have heard this a lot of times, but exercising is of no use if your body is not getting the required nutrients to stay healthy. Protein is essential for maintaining the elasticity of your skin, and collagen is the most important protein that you need to keep your skin from sagging. Your skin will not remain taut unless you follow a protein-rich diet. A high-protein diet also reduces your cravings. All your meals should be balanced and include a protein source, a fat source, and some veggies that are low in carbs. When it comes to protein, meat (chicken, beef, lamb), fish and seafood (trout, salmon, shrimp), and eggs (including the yolk!) are your best friends. For low-carb veggies, add spinach, broccoli, cabbage, kale, cucumber, lettuce, and cauliflower to your plate. Use oils such as coconut and olive oils, butter, and avocado to your diet. These are also excellent sources of antioxidants that will keep your skin in excellent condition.

3. Kick The Butt

This is important. Because the more you light up a cigarette, the less resilient your skin becomes. Smoking severely affects your collagen levels; even second-hand smoking does severe damage to your health. It not only triggers inflammatory reactions and oxidative damage but also causes premature aging of your skin by reducing the collagen levels. And this has been proven by research .

4. Try Skin Brushing

This is a kind of exercise for your skin. You can use a brush with natural bristles and a long handle to brush your skin. This improves circulation and eliminates all the toxins and wastes that are responsible for the extra cellulite in your body. Ideally, skin brushing should be done 5-10 minutes every morning while you are undergoing weight loss. In fact, you should continue doing this even after you have lost weight as it keeps your skin firm and taut.

5. Use A Good Sunscreen Whenever You Go Out

You might wonder what this has to do with tightening loose skin. The sun rays can cause the breakdown of collagen, which makes your skin lose its elasticity faster. So, in case you want to run every day, plan it during morning or evening as the sun is less scorching during these times. Also, slather sunscreen lotion on the exposed parts. Make sure that you are buying a cream with a broad spectrum.

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