This Homemade Oil Mix Will Help Your Hair Grow

All of the oil that are used in this mixture have beneficial properties that stimulate hair growth. This oil mix also helps treat dry and brittle hair and makes it smooth and shiny.
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You will need 5 oils for this mix and all of them are easily available.

Oil Mix For Hair Growth


  • ½ cup of coconut oil
  • 1 tablespoon of olive oil
  • 1 teaspoon of castor oil
  • 2 drops of rosemary oil
  • 2 drops of tea tree oil


Start by melting the coconut oil, then, remove it from the heat and add all the other oils to it. Mix the ingredients until you get an even colored oil. Pour the mix in a glass jar and seal it with a lid.

How To Use:

This oil mix works best when applied on dry hair, before you are ready to wash it. Start by applying the mix on your scalp and work your way down to the tips of the hair. When you’re done with that, cover your head and hair with a plastic bag and place a warm towel on top of that.
Let it work for 15 minutes and then wash your hair with lukewarm water as you would normally do. Do this procedure twice a week for best results. Within 2 months, you will notice that you hair is thicker, smoother, shinier and most importantly, healthier.

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