Food Items That Can Prevent Heart Attacks And Reduce Clogging Of Arteries

The lifestyle of modern humans begins and ends on a chair. There is no room for exercise or self-care. We are doing little towards our guilty food consumption and even less towards burning the fats and calories accumulated because of it. These food items are the ones that could lead to increased levels of cholesterol in our bodies and cause heart attacks.
The number of people dying from heart attacks has increased significantly in recent years. The first sign of heart disease starts with our departure from healthy and active lives. It is then followed by unhealthy habits which we pick up along the way such as smoking, drinking or consuming junk food. After that, it leads to severe warning physical conditions like obesity, diabetes, etc.

While everyone cannot follow a radical weight loss routine, anyone should be able to modify their diet a little to reduce the clogging of their arteries and the risk of heart attacks.
Healthy Options For A Better Heart
Including fruits in our diets have been known to be tried and tested methods of staying fit. They have anti-oxidants, vitamins, and fibers. They are natural, wholesome and should be the preferred snack over the fried ones.
Who said eating meat could make your cholesterol worse? Mackerels are rich in omega-3 fats which help in lowering the blood pressure thus reducing the risk of heart attacks.
Yes, the green vegetables you are leaving on your plate untouched could come and bite you in the heart later. Not only are green and leafy vegetables very nutritious, but they also help in blood purification.
Instead of the midnight snacking or the off-time bites of greasy foods, it is always better to keep dry fruits handy. They contain essential fats and help us be fitter than their alternatives.
Green tea has many medicinal properties. It does not only help reducing weight. It is also a very good detoxifier.
Avocadoes are not only tasty, but they are also incredibly healthy as well. Those avocado dips you love actually help maintain your fat and cholesterol.
Flax seeds are also well-known sources of omega-3 and Vitamin E.
Black beans are popular in Asia because they are so healthy. They also decrease fat and cholesterol.

Garlic is an agent that reduces the pressure on blood vessels and acts as a great contributing factor in reducing heart attacks.
Sunflower seeds are known protectors of heart and also rich in Vitamin E.
A little step up to a better lifestyle could go a long way. Let this healthy diet be a starting point for your healthier life. Remember, as long as you are healthy and you exercise, you would never be prevented from eating what you like.

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