DIY Curl Cream Recipe – Make Your Curls Luscious

In the event that your hair is wavy or curly, this DIY cream formula will work perfect for you!
Rather than immersing your hair with locally acquired mouses and creams that are stacked with chemicals and drying alcohols, this hand-crafted cream is an astounding option that works similarly, yet without all the gunk!
For this curl cream recipe you will need coconut oil, Aloe Vera gel, and shea butter to make this amazing cream that will make your curls luscious.
You can find these ingredients at any healthy food store, or in regular supermarkets.
They aren’t expensive, and you can also use them for other beauty recipes, since they also work well with other ingredients.

DIY Curl Cream Recipe

Aloe Vera gel is a characteristic gel and works truly extraordinary rather than a hair gel that you can find in every store.
Aloe Vera is additionally super recuperating and moisturizing, so if your tresses are dry and damaged, this DIY cream will mend harmed strands too.
Coconut oil will promote your hair to grow faster and be healthier. It hydrates dry hair and dry scalp, and furthermore detoxifies.
Shea butter will moisturize and make your curls shine. It will lock the moisture in your hair.
Each of the three of these fixings joined make for a kick-ass twist cream that you’ll adore utilizing every day!


* 2 tbsp. coconut oil
* 2 tbsp. Aloe Vera gel
* 2 tbsp. shea butter

How to make the cream:

1. Blend all fixings together in a bowl until they form a homogenous mixture.
2. Your hair should be wet, and you should apply the cream beginning from the center of the head and running the cream down to the end.
3. While doing this, you should squeeze your hair, or twist the strands around your finger, so that curls can form.
4. Then, you should let it air-dry, or blow-dry it. It’s up to you.
Utilize this cream after each shower for naturally beautiful and healthy curls!

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